Tree Removal Services ​

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Our business is well equipped to handle all sorts of  disasters from erosion and  storm, to cleaning up the toughest of land clearing. 

Land Clearing
Macon & Warner Robins,Georgia Tree Professionals

Removal of even the most stubborn trees in even the most difficult situations, we can do it!

Stump Grinding

Hall's Tree Service

Whether you have 1 acre or 10 acres, residential or commercial, we can clear away and clean up the landscape that maybe getting in the way!

Debris Clean-up

Did Mother Nature leave behind that stump when she took out your tree? Let us clean it up!

Tree Removal

Just  A  Few  Of  The  Many  Reliable  Services  That  We  Offer 

When Nature calls?  ​let us help!
We want to guarantee that no matter what the job, it is done efficiently and effectively with you in mind!

Serving Macon GA and surrounding areas for over 30 years, respect for the ever changing climate and unexpected things that Mother Nature throws our way we are prepared . Halls Tree Service has spent years understanding nature's symmetry and complexity in all of it's colossal span throughout our community. This helps us to understand the tasks we take on, how it can and will affect our  homes and neighbors. One of our top priorities is giving you peace of mind that when we are on the job we have everyone's safety in mind. In our line of business it is not just pushing nature around, we have developed a keen eye for making your natural surroundings beneficial to your lifestyle while keeping it's beauty in tack!

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